Miss Cloudy

A Creative Touch

Miss Cloudy is a Montreal Artist focused since 2017 on the art of paper and folding led by Pauline Loctin. Sower of ideas, multifaceted creator and origami warrior, she shares with humor and creativity her knowledge and her desire to make through installations, workshops and creation of unique and colorful paper reliefs.


Pauline Loctin, Founder

Specializing in folding art and paper creations, Pauline Loctin creates murals, hanging lights and even custom stage accessories and costume. She picked up the nickname ‘Nuagette’ in school, but today Pauline is known as Miss Cloudy, an inspiring and hardworking paper artist. Hailing from France, she moved to Montreal to begin a Masters in Musicology at Université de Montréal. Equipped with the determination, meticulousness and appreciation instilled in her by her violin teacher back home, the artist discovered paper and dove into perfecting tessellation and origami architecture. Her paper art brings her to work with international brands and institutions like the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Four Seasons, Holt Renfrew, Maison Simons, COS, Veuve Cliquot, Air Canada and Bombardier just to name a few.


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The Technique

Pauline Loctin's work focuses mainly on largescale folding as well as the different techniques of cutting and mounting 3D paper structures and reliefs. Her love for color, patterns, superpositions and her interest in playing with shadows and light are reflected in her work. She specializes in murals and large-format paper installations, and more recently she has launched "Happy Wall", a framed origami collection.

She made paper her medium of choice for its malleability, but it’s in the magic of transforming something in one dimension into three that she found her passion. She aims to mark the imagination of the spectators by appealing to their memory of childhood and their own chimera through a material known to all.


TEAM Cloudy

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Pauline Loctin

Paper Artist & Creative director

Lynn Tran

Designer & assistant


Immersion Colorée, Festival Chromatic,  Hangar 16, Montréal, mai 2016
Happy Wall, Artgang Plaza, Montréal, juin 2017
Black Wall, Exposition "L'origami sous tous ses plis", La villa Bagatelle, Ville de Québec, juin à décembre 2017
Ancestrale, Galerie éphémère Amalgame, Laval, mai 2018
Ancestrale, Le Livart, Montréal, mai 2018
Pli.é Project, Ausgang Plaza, Montréal, octobre 2018
Ancestrale II, The Artist Project Comtemporary Art Fair, Toronto, février 2019
Pli.é Project, Fashion Art Toronto, 24 au 28 avril 2019
Infinite, Montreal Couture, Musée des beaux arts de Montréal, 2 mars au 8 septembre 2019


Rodeo’s Merch, Applied Art Awards 2019
Trapped, Applied Art Awards 2019


Montreal In Motion [MIM]
Moment Factory, Vol.1, ép.7, 2017



Four Seasons / Holt Renfrew / Bonlook / Musée des beaux-art de Montréal / COS / Maison Simons / Wonderbra / DeSerres / Magazine En Route / Air Canada / Globe and Mail / Keurig / Covergirl / Shopify / Veuve Clicquot / Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal / Mural Festival / West Elm / Musée Pointe-à-Callière / L’école Nationale de Cirque de Montréal  / Wool and the Gang / ARTv / Quartier des Spectacles / Piknic Electronik / Festival Chromatic